Seaborough has been developing a LED solution for T8 retrofit tubes for several years. Our tubes have the advantage that they are 100% compatible so they always fit on any fixture and moreover the tubes have a safety cap to install the TLED's safely. The Seaborough solutions save roughly 50 to 70 percent on energy costs. Which is very positive for the environment, as well as a substantial cost reduction.

About our Electronics program

The program runs several long-term research and development projects in collaboration with world leading companies. The IP thus generated is commercialized through licensing contracts with strategic partners (Link to partners page). We are highly committed to support these partners during the implementation phase of its IP in finished products. This is the way we make the real difference.

oneTLed® is the flagship universal LED retrofit tube developed by Seaborough with almost 100% compatibility with electronic ballasts, 100% compatibility with magnetic ballast, and works when connected to direct-AC mains (120V/230V).

The electronics program also works together with the Seaborough Life Science program. The objective is supporting the research process and bringing out products that improve people’s well-being and health.


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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - German scientist, writer, philosopher and statesman.

OneTLed T8

OneTLed is a patented electronic retrofit LED tube solution that is 100% compatible with any ballast designed for T8 or T12 fluorescent lamps. Both electromagnetic and electronic (instantaneous, fast or programmed start, non-dimmable). There is no need to rewire or replace ballasts.

Rob Klein

Electronics Engineer

Rob is a seasoned veteran with more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of electronics. Having designed various circuits, both analogue and digital, he has specialized in LED drivers over the past 15 years. A problem solver by nature, he seeks to find system level solutions while keeping an eye on the all-important details.

Shounak Roy

Program director Electronics

Shounak Roy is Program Director Electronics. Previously he worked at NTL Electronics India Ltd. But has been working at Seabourough for many years now. Shounak is an experienced Electronics Engineer. He has extensive experience in conceptual and schematic electronics design and electronic simulations (Matlab, LTspice). He looks at the big picture without missing the important details. His specialty is Power electronics design for Consumer and Lighting Electronics and also IP development.

Salome Chingaira

Electronics Design Engineer

Salome is Electronics Design Engineer at Seaborough. She acquired a Master of Renewable Energy and Clean Technologies from the University of Manchester in 2019 under the prestigious UK Chevening Scholarship. She previously worked at Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe as Electrical Projects Engineer. Salome is a highly motivated Electrical and Electronics Engineer with three years of experience in electrical power systems designing, system acceptance testing, and qualification.

Ben Pei

China operations advisor

Ben is educated at the University of Shanghai. There he studied Mechanical Electronic Engineering. He has worked in the field of Testing and certification. Quality, Supply chain and Project management. This included lighting companies such as SGS and Nemko AS. Ben works from Shanghai for the Electronics division he works on project management and research.

Mike Krames

Senior Advisor

Mike is a recognized world authority on visible-spectrum LEDs and their applications for lighting and displays, with more than 20 years of experience in both startups and large companies in the LED industry. He is currently President and Founder of Arkesso, LLC, based in Silicon Valley, California.  Previously, he was Chief Technology Officer at Soraa, Inc., an LED product company founded by Nobel Prize winner Shuji Nakamura.  Prior to that, he was Executive Vice President at Philips Lumileds, where he ran the Advanced Laboratories and pioneered programs in LEDs and luminescence, focusing on materials, devices, and systems for applications to lighting and displays. He has served on numerous roundtables and panels for the U.S. Department of Energy and Basic Energy Sciences. He is an IEEE Fellow, IES Fellow and Chair of the SPIE Photonics West Conference on Light-Emitting Diodes.

He has been an advisor to Seaborough since 2015, where he is supporting technical and intellectual property development, project management, business development and the establishment of new partnerships.

Karsten Schwennesen

Senior Advisor

Karsten Schwennesen (LLM) served as general counsel and executive committee member at Philips Lighting until 2010. He was responsible for leading the team that globally managed contracting, litigation, IP management and M&A transactions.

During his tenure as General Counsel, Karsten was responsible for executing the $ 800 million acquisition by Philips of US-based Color Kinetics, a key innovator of LED lighting systems and technologies. This transaction remains Philips’ single largest IP-driven acquisition to date.

Karsten acquired a Master of Law degree from Aarhus University in 1981 and started his career as general counsel at Bang & Olufsen, Denmark, before moving to Philips in The Netherlands in 1997.

Sukru Cetin

Electronics technician

Sukru is trained in aircraft engineering at VTOC Fokker and PART-147. He has worked for Turkish Airlines, KLM, Bombardier and the military base Woensdrecht. At Seaborough he works as an electronics technician. His tasks include testing Seaborough technologies, making reports, assembly work and lab management.

Jeffrey Wongsodikromo

Electronics technician

Highly qualified, dedicated and project focused electrician. With 2 years of testing developing circuits and 2 years of installations. Skilled technician with in-depth analyzing and graphical programming skills. Self-motivated with the ability to work independently. Thrive on challenge with proven ability to successfully execute plans and complete tasks in a timely , efficient and safe manner.