About us

Seaborough invents, develops and commercializes groundbreaking innovations for the lighting industry. With these innovations we aim to make a positive impact on the world. Many of our projects are truly breakthroughs yet require stamina to develop from idea to market entry. Therefore, Seaborough runs mostly long-term research and development projects.

This is who we are

Light is the source of all life. It fascinates, it is a primal force, it heals, it romanticizes, it brings imagination to life, and it is also necessary in our daily lives.
At Seaborough we are fascinated by light. We want to give light a purpose, develop and market the best lighting solutions. We see it as a challenge to develop groundbreaking, innovative, and efficient solutions to improve LED lighting. And what is important: we always do this with an eye and heart for the environment!

We are not afraid of challenges. We don't walk the beaten track, because we are always looking for the very best solutions and we dare to go the extra mile to get there. We want to be frontrunners in the market and make the best products possible. Innovation is in our DNA.

I find out what the world needs. Then I go ahead and try to invent it.

Thomas A. Edison - Inventor of the light bulb

Our Mission

Seaborough wants to contribute to a healthy and sustainable world. We do this by improving current state of the art LED solutions to reduce energy use and CO² emissions and improve wellbeing. For example: if all mercury-containing fluorescent tubes were replaced with our oneTLed retrofit LED tubes, 50-70 % energy costs could be saved and 3.2 % of the Paris Agreement's CO² reduction target would be met immediately. At the same time, the environment would be relieved of the toxic mercury.

Another example: if all warm white LEDs would contain our EuroLED technology, every LED would be 20% more efficient while having a more pleasant light experience for the consumer. Worldwide LED adoption would just be around the corner, just like energy savings with an equivalent of 684 coal fired power plants.

Seaborough also develops light applications for direct impact on health and well-being. By using invisible infra-red light, we optimize the living environment so that people benefit from the positive effects of light for their health.

Our method

Seaborough protects its ideas and inventions by patents. This intellectual property (IP) is commercialized through licensing contracts with strategic partners. This is the way we make the real difference. Seaborough is highly committed to support these partners during the implementation phase of its inventions in finished products.

Seaborough was founded in 2013. Since then we have experienced strong growth with great collaborations, big inventions and even bigger plans for the future. We can’t wait!

Our People

Our team consists of highly educated and skilled scientists and engineers. We are an energetic group of innovators who are dedicated to make a difference. Due to our broad range of talents, we realize ground-breaking light innovations. Nice to meet you.

Vahhab Mohammadi

Program director Electronics

Vahhab is a technology enthusiast who has the know-how to take an idea all the way to the production line. He enjoys working in international teams with a spirit of innovation. Vahhab enjoys being part of a team that focuses on solving existing problems with innovative ideas, a team that wants to grow and create a better and brighter future for all of us.

Anne Jansen

Office Manager

Anne works with much dedication and enthusiasm at Seaborough. She has a hands-on mentality and is the linking pin within Seaborough. She uses her organizational skills and smile, to make the operation run smoothly. Being part of such a diverse and passionate team is giving her energy and makes working at Seaborough enjoyable.

Matthijs Mollema

Finance Manager

Matthijs is an all-round finance manager and worked for various organisations in several finance leadership functions. Matthijs is an educated Qualified Controller and as of 2021 he continued his career as an interim finance professional. He is a result driven team player, hands-on and pro-active.

Atul Sontakke

Principal Scientist

Atul is a materials scientist with expertise on optical and luminescent materials. He did master’s in physics and holds PhD (Science) from CSIR-CGCRI in collaboration with Jadavpur University, India. Before joining Seaborough, Atul did post-doctoral research at Kyoto University (Japan), Chimie-ParisTech (France), Ghent University (Belgium) and Utrecht University (Netherlands). Atul has extensive experience on synthesis, spectroscopy, and quantitative analysis of functional luminescent materials. At Seaborough, Atul is working on development of phosphor materials for solid state lighting.

Vasilii Khanin

Materials Scientist

Vasilii is a Master in experimental nuclear physics with a focus on scintillation and engineering of nuclear spectrometers. He obtained his PhD in solid-state physics while working at Philips Research Eindhoven on development of scintillators for medical tomography. Afterwards he held Post-Doc positions in Utrecht University and TU Delft researching luminescence (solar) concentrators. Areas of expertise include luminescence spectroscopy, and energy and charge transfer in solids. He joined Seaborough in 2021 and works on optical equipment development and optimization of novel phosphors.

Daniel Lenting

Research Assistant

Daniël holds a bachelor in chemistry from Inholland University of Applied Sciences.

He began his journey at Seaborough as an intern, where he worked on the optimization of nano-phosphors. In 2023, he officially joined as chemical research assistant where he is responsible for the development, synthesis and integration of nanoscale luminescent material. In addition, he is responsible for the health and safety within the chemical laboratory.

Tom Hilgerink

Product Designer

Tom is a product designer with a background in industrial design engineering and experience in (LED) lighting design. He’s passionate about working on innovative and user-centered proucts to make everyday life more enjoyable. As per 2023, Tom returned to Seabourough after working in the E-mobility industry for several years (fun fact, he drives his “own” bike to work now).

Rasoul Faraji

Power Electronics Engineer

Rasoul holds a Ph.D. in Electrical engineering. He has worked in multidisciplinary fields in Electrical engineering and now he focuses on power electronics applications in Seaborough. He has a solid background in academia including several senior research positions in high reputation universities. And he acted as a design engineer, research and development engineer, project leader & manager, and advisor in different industries. He is enthusiastic to face new challenges and engineering works to help the company to achieve all its goals.

Ayhan Siriner

Head of Marketing & Business Development

Ayhan, a strategic business leader with 24 years of experience in the global lighting industry, has successfully executed commercial leadership roles across Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. His expertise spans marketing, sales, business development, and go-to-market strategies within the lighting industry. At Seaborough, Ayhan focuses on launching and scaling up the company’s technologies in the lighting and related sectors. He holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

Marcel Verhoeven

Senior Advisor

Marcel Verhoeven has a huge track record in the lighting industry. Marcel has worked in various sr. management roles for Philips, where he for example was responsible for the product strategy for LED retrofit bulbs and initiated the development of the first generations retrofit LED lights in Shanghai, China. The Philips MASTERLED product family became a huge success after introduction, and it still is today. After a period of 2009-2010 as Category Leader for Scene Setting LED products at Philips Consumer Luminaires in Kontich, Belgium, Marcel was asked by Osram in 2010 to return to Asia to manage Osram’s division for professional LED lighting in Asia and became CEO of the Business Unit Luminaires Asia Pacific. From 2013-2016 Marcel was President Asia Pacific for Zumtobel Group, where he was responsible for all activities of the brands Tridonic, Thorn and Zumtobel in the regions of Asia and Pacific. He returned to Europe in 2016 and since the start of 2017 Marcel works for Momentum Capital and is responsible for their Technology Investments such as Perpetual Next and Seaborough.

Julia Czyz

Intern Materials

Julia is a true fighter who came to Seaborough from Poland. She graduated with bachelor in the field of Chemical Technology at Poznan University of Technology. Currently, she is a master’s student with a specialization in Composites and Nanomaterials. However, to make her dreams come true, she is on a gap year and is gaining professional experience at Seaborough. Julia is working on further development of YAG materials to enhance their better optical properties.

Federico Montanarella

Materials Scientist

Federico is an expert in the synthesis and optical characterization of luminescent (nano)materials. He obtained a Master cum laude in Materials Science and Engineering from the Universita’ degli studi di Genova (Italy) in 2015. He also holds a PhD, obtained in 2019, from the University of Utrecht (the Netherlands), researching quantum dots and their luminescent assemblies. After obtaining the prestigious ETH Postdoctoral Fellowship, he spent two years at ETH Zürich (Switzerland), studying the formation and functionalization of perovskite nanocrystals. In 2021 Federico joined Seaborough as a Materials Scientist, where he works on the development of novel phosphors for solid state lighting.

Sandra Galván

Intern Materials

Sandra started her internship at Seaborough in September 2022. She is currently pursuing a master’s in molecular sciences at University of Amsterdam. With her specialization in organic and inorganic chemistry, she would like to apply all the knowledge she gained during her chemistry degree to her newfound interest in nanomaterials. Sandra is very excited to be involved in Seaborough’s innovative projects, she will be working on the development of nano-YAG phosphors.

Joan Leeflang

HR Business Partner

Joan is a HR professional with more than 15 years HR experience within fast growing or rapidly changing companies. She believes everyone deserves to gain greater self-awareness about their strengths to better understand who you are and how you can be the best version of yourself. From this perspective you’re able to aim your purpose and you’ll have a happier working life!

Mike Krames

Senior Advisor

Mike is a recognized world authority on visible-spectrum LEDs and their applications for lighting and displays, with more than 20 years of experience in both startups and large companies in the LED industry. He is currently President and Founder of Arkesso, LLC, based in Silicon Valley, California.  Previously, he was Chief Technology Officer at Soraa, Inc., an LED product company founded by Nobel Prize winner Shuji Nakamura.  Prior to that, he was Executive Vice President at Philips Lumileds, where he ran the Advanced Laboratories and pioneered programs in LEDs and luminescence, focusing on materials, devices, and systems for applications to lighting and displays. He has served on numerous roundtables and panels for the U.S. Department of Energy and Basic Energy Sciences. He is an IEEE Fellow, IES Fellow and Chair of the SPIE Photonics West Conference on Light-Emitting Diodes.

He has been an advisor to Seaborough since 2015, where he is supporting technical and intellectual property development, project management, business development and the establishment of new partnerships.

Mohamed Tachikirt

Research Assistant

Mohamed holds a Bachelor’s degree in physics from the Haagse Hogeschool (university of applied sciences). He has worked at the physics research institute AMOLF as lab technician, before moving to Seaborough in 2015. At Seaborough he is responsible for the optical characterization and prototyping of both LEDs and materials.

Lisette Hendrikse

Legal Officer

Lisette is a senior legal officer who studied Dutch and business law at the VU University in Amsterdam, she also studied at the University of Amsterdam (international and European law – UvA), University of Leiden (energy law), Università di Bologna (international law) amongst others. She works for Seaborough for many years and knows the company’s technologies like no other.

Marie Anne van de Haar

Program Director Materials

Marie Anne obtained her Masters in nanomaterials sciences cum-laude from Utrecht University and holds a PhD in Nanophotonics from the physics research institute AMOLF. She joined Seaborough as Materials Scientist and Project Manager in 2015. Currently she is the Program Director Materials, where she is the technical program lead and responsible for running the current EuroLED program, including external partnerships and internal R&D Materials Team. She has been selected as ‘Technical Talent 2020’ by the Dutch engineering journal De Ingenieur, and is member of the program committee for the SPIE Photonics West Conference on Light-Emitting Diodes.

Anne Berends

Program Director Life Science

Anne likes to work in a dynamic and multidisciplinary team and that is exactly what she found in the Life Science program at Seaborough. Translating fundamental scientific insights to products that improve human wellbeing and health, require skills and insights from so many viewing angles that true teamwork is a must. Being challenged and achieving ambitious goals with a team is where Anne gets her energy from, both at work and outside, at a rowing course.

Jeffrey Wongsodikromo

Electronics technician

Highly qualified, dedicated and project focused electrician. With 2 years of testing developing circuits and 2 years of installations. Skilled technician with in-depth analyzing and graphical programming skills. Self-motivated with the ability to work independently. Thrive on challenge with proven ability to successfully execute plans and complete tasks in a timely , efficient and safe manner.



Pieter Six


Pieter Six is a seasoned professional with a breadth of experience in Marketing, Communication and Sales at Corporate Institutions and Start-ups. He has strong management experience in Europe and Asia and is passionate about innovative and disrupting technologies.

Pieter Six is well versed in the world of LED. Before joining Seaborough, he worked as Chief Commercial Officer for Ellipz Smart Solutions, a company that enables data communication via light. Pieter Six will further shift the scope of Seaborough towards market introductions.