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Giving Light Purpose

Driven by innovations, Seaborough develops meaningful light solutions for a better and healthier world.

Innovative lighting solutions

Seaborough is an LED technology company that develops, commercializes and licenses innovative lighting solutions. We are active in three areas. In our Electronics program, under the name OneTLed, we have developed a solution for replacing fluorescent tubes containing mercury (T8 and T12) that works on 100% of all ballasts and fixtures. In our Materials program we do research and develop more efficient phosphors for LED applications. We also focus on Healthy light for medical and preventive health purposes in our Life Science program.  Our most recent innovation is SunLED. With SunLED we are able to bring the healthy aspects of sunlight inside, causing a major positive impact on the health and well-being of people spending most of their lives indoors (i.e., most of us)!
We are a commercial player in the LED market with a strong R&D department, collaborating with various universities and also publishing scientific reports. We invent, develop and commercialize ground-breaking innovations for the lighting industry. Seaborough runs a number of long-term research and development LED-related projects in collaboration with world-leading companies and research institutes. We want to make the best products that are also good for the environment. Seaborough is founded in 2013 and headquartered in Amsterdam.

Our programs