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Sunlight is the basis of life

With SunLED we isolate the healthiest aspects of sunlight and bring it indoors. Our patented technology is scientifically proven. Regular exposure to our proprietary configured near-infrared light lowers the resting heart rate and strengthens the immune system. In addition, our biological rhythm is stabilized, resulting in a less drowsy feeling and increased alertness and wakefulness during the day.

Proven health benefits

Independent scientific research has demonstrated proven health benefits for users that were exposed to the SunLED technology. While only a focused part of the body is exposed to the light, its inherent systemic effects benefit the entire body. Our technology significantly increases your health, allowing you to enjoy the sun's positivity whilst going about your day-to-day activities!

Systemic effect

The SunLED technology makes use of near-infrared light. Light in this wavelength regime penetrates deep into the skin, activating cells close to blood vessels. Consequently, positive effects are easily transported through the whole body.

Lowers resting heart rate

Independent clinical trials show a significant decrease in the resting heart rate of the participants exposed to SunLED. This was already visible after just one day of exposure!

Boosts immune system

The human immune system is a complex network of biological processes where cells and molecules interact to fight viruses, bacteria, and inflammations. Independent clinical trials demonstrate that the blood of participants experiencing SunLED contained significantly decreased concentrations of the immune parameters: TNF α and IFN γ. These molecules are responsible for inducing inflammatory responses. High concentrations of TNF α are linked to auto-immune and obesity related diseases like diabetes type 2. 

Other benefits

Red and near-infrared light have many proven benefits that are well supported in scientific literature. The positive effects of SunLED technology on our health and well-being logically extend well beyond the parameters of this particular clinical study. Improved cell regeneration, lowered blood pressure, accelerated wound healing and generally decreased recovery times as well as pain reduction are all examples of such benefits. Stay tuned for more scientific proof as it rolls in!

Did you miss the SunLED webinar?

On Tuesday June 7, 2022 Seaborough and a panel of scientists and industry leaders discussed a healthy indoor environment via everyday lighting products. 

For whom? This webinar is for everyone interested in how to bring the healthy part of natural sunlight inside. From lighting and LED manufacturers to building owners and managers with a drive for innovation and health.

SunLED technology

Technology in detail

Our patented SunLED technology allows for easy integration of the near-infrared LEDs in general lighting and other products. This guarantees energy efficient and cost-effective health benefits.

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With SunLED technology we bring the natural health benefits of sunlight inside, so you can enjoy its goodness as you go about your day-to-day activities. Contact us to implement SunLED technology in your stylish and contemporary lighting design and set the new standard in Human Centric Lighting.



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