Watch here: SunLED webinar – The health benefits of the sun indoors

Life Science / Sunled / June 16, 2022

On Tuesday June 7, 2022 Seaborough and a panel of scientists and industry leaders discussed a healthy indoor environment via everyday lighting products. 

For whom? This webinar is for everyone interested in how to bring the healthy part of natural sunlight inside. From lighting and LED manufacturers to building owners and managers with a drive for innovation and health.

More about SunLED

Seaborough has developed and patented technology that can easily be integrated into everyday lighting products. The technology received the name SunLED, because it "brings the sun inside". This innovation has been independently and clinically tested to make sure the claims made are scientifically sound.

The results were amazing, just 3 hours of exposure a day leads to a lower resting heart rate, increased feeling of energy, improved mood and, maybe best of all, an improved immune system.


  • Pieter Six - CEO Seaborough
  • Dr. Anne Berends - Program Director SunLED
  • Dr. Marijke Gordijn - CEO Chrono@Work & Expert on effects of light on health
  • Owen Zachariasse - Senior Director JLL Work Dynamics & Industry Expert
  • Harmen Geers - Moderator