At Seaborough, we developed nanocrystalline YAG:Ce with tunable particle sizes down to sub-10 nm, with quantum yields as high as 80-100%. This demonstration of high crystal qualities and optical properties as good as microcrystalline YAG materials is defeating the common misconception of an intrinsic trade-off balance between crystallinity and particle size and shape!

Workhorse material at the micron scale

What is YAG?

Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (YAG) is an extremely versatile material that, thanks to its ability of being doped with different ions, found applications in many areas, from lighting to scintillators, displays and even lasers. It is versatile in terms of form factor, and can be used as microcrystalline powder, ceramics, or even single crystals.

As microcrystalline powder, the synthesis of YAG is known to be relatively easy and cost effective, and yields extremely stable materials with great optical properties that can be doped with a plethora of different ions in customized concentrations.

Meet Crystalight®

A Solution for nanoscale YAG applications

On the nanoscale, YAG is much less developed. The few times it is mentioned in scientific literature, nanocrystalline YAG shows poor optical properties, poor crystallinity and severe stability issues. The morphology of the materials is often far from perfect, with strongly clustered particles, and large networks of poorly defined shapes and sizes.

Our Crystalight® material combines the benefits of state-of-the-art YAG materials, while having the size benefits of potential competing solutions, such as quantum dots and perovskites.

This accomplishment now paves the way for numerous applications, some of which are so far theoretical and could exceed our current imagination!

Versatility of nanoscale YAG

Customize your material

Our Crystalight® materials allow for new applications as well as improving existing ones by adding new tunability opportunities to the already versatile YAG material.

The robustness of our manufacturing process allows us to finely tailor the particle sizes in the range of few nanometers to a micron. Furthermore, our main efforts have so far focused on YAG:Ce, but garnets with tailored compositions could be produced as well.

  • Freedom in form factor (powder, ceramic, colloidal dispersion)
  • Chemical tunability of the surface (e.g. polar or a-polar nature)
  • Tunable scattering properties
  •  Tailored compositions and optical properties


New opportunities for applications

Seaborough’s groundbreaking achievement of demonstrating high quality nanocrystalline YAG materials will bring a significant shift in the application landscape of devices relying on luminescent materials, including, but not limited to:

LEDs are reduced to such minuscule scales, that conventional phosphor particles now exceed the size of the LEDs themselves. The integration of a stable and efficient nano-scaled YAG phosphor reduces optical losses and simplifies engineering challenges, enabling MicroLEDs to deliver superior brightness and a broader color gamut, clearly surpassing current OLED screens.

High power devices
Nanosized YAG materials offers the opportunity to create thinner ceramics with improved heat conductivity properties, leading to more efficient devices.

Scattering engineering
Tunable particle sizes, in the range of the wavelengths of the light, allow for precise engineering of the scattering patterns.

A revolutionary application of reliable, yet flexible in terms of form factor, nano-scaled YAG lies in its inkjet-printing potential onto various materials. This innovation could revolutionize the manufacturing process of certain applications, such as bio-tagging and imaging.

Reliable, high quality, nano-scaled YAG phosphor is slated to mark a transformative turning point, presenting vast opportunities across diverse industries and cutting-edge technologies.

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