This is what we stand for

Giving light purpose: driven by curiosity, we develop meaningful light innovations for a better and healthier world. Seaborough brings innovations for LED lighting with impact and stands for the highest quality and safety. Our products and solutions fit with our ideas and ideals on sustainability, teamwork, and well-being. Seaborough feels responsible for our planet and wants to ensure that our children grow up in a cleaner world than ours.
Sunflower on sunset with a lot of light

Highly skilled

We are an energetic team of innovators (technicians, physicists, and chemists) who are dedicated to make a difference. Due to our broad range of talents, we realize ground-breaking light innovations. And once an achievement is reached? We like to celebrate. Do you want to join our party?

If you look at history, innovation doesn’t come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect.

Steven Johnson, Science author & media theorist

Innovate together

We have been working on innovative light solutions for almost a decade, which contribute to a better world. We can’t do this alone; we work in passionate teams and aim to create synergies internally and with our partners. We get excited to work together. Together we are stronger and wiser. Together we work to be successful. Together we win.

Dare to think outside the box

Curiosity is key to creativity from which innovations are born. We dare to think out of the box and see more opportunities than obstacles. We like to be challenged, are eager to win and love to discover impactful and sustainable solutions for our customers.