Creating value with Ultima

Commercial LED retrofit tubes are falling short of their energy savings claims and CO2 emissions reduction. Their performance varies heavily, depending on the legacy electronic ballasts installed already. Ultima is the solution.

Falling short of energy savings claims

New Seaborough research, validated by DEKRA, shows commercial LED retrofit tubes display a wide variation in power draw, depending on the legacy electronic ballasts installed already - and there is an incredible variety of legacy electronic ballasts in the field today.

This wide variation in power draw is the reason commercial LED retrofit tubes are not delivering the claimed energy savings up to half the time. Accordingly, CO2 emissions reduction is falling short.

At Seaborough, we believe this is a major unfavorable and unsustainable situation and we all have an important role to play in leading climate change.

To get a fair representation of actual installed ballasts in the field, we have recovered over 500 electronic ballasts from various buildings in recent years. This is the real world. In contrast to top lighting companies, who are referring to a relatively low number of ballasts in their compatibility lists.

LED retrofit tubes from leading companies show a wide variation in power draw

Ultima actively corrects power in LED retrofit tubes

To capture the full energy savings and CO2 emissions reduction potential from LED retrofit tubes, we are introducing Ultima.

Ultima is a new disruptive technology that substantially accelerates the positive impact of LED retrofit tubes on business performance and the climate.

Ultima uses an active power correction mechanism inside LED retrofit tubes, which reacts to the properties of the installed electronic ballast.

Seaborough’s Ultima technology delivers a substantially more uniform power draw. The active-power-control driver design meets the EU norm in 82% of the cases - more than twice compared to the popular retrofit LED tubes.

At Seaborough, we believe the world has a unique opportunity to phase-out inefficient, outdated fluorescent lighting technologies and accelerate markets to clean, energy-efficient LED lighting

Creating value with Ultima

Business performance

Guaranteed energy savings will have a significant impact on the anticipated return-on-investment for various business partners, including building owners. Lighting companies can gain a (first mover) competitive advantage and drive substantial business growth, by offering LED retrofit tubes including Ultima.


Significantly reducing the power spread and avoiding excessive power draw helps to reduce overall carbon footprints. Ultima is a solution to lead climate change.

Gaining access to Ultima proprietary technology

Ultima is a technology that can be embedded in LED retrofit tubes. To get access to our proprietary technology and create value, licenses on Ultima can be acquired.

For the best of both worlds, i.e. exceptional retrofit compatibility and guaranteed energy savings and safety, Ultima can be combined with Seaborough’s OneTLed retrofit LED tube solution.

Alternatively, Ultima is offered as a standalone solution, and can be embedded in any tube design.

Do you have a question?

If you want more information or have a question about Ultima, please feel free to contact us.

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