Seaborough invites you to Light+Building ’22

Electronics / Life Science / Sunled / September 14, 2022

Seaborough will exhibit two new technologies at the L+B’22 fair in Frankfurt between the 2nd and 6th of October 2022. Ultima™ is a proprietary technology that helps capture the full energy savings and CO2 emissions reduction potential of retrofit LED tubes. Unfortunately, current performance of commercial retrofit LED tubes varies too heavily. SunLED™ is the second proprietary technology that will be showcased, delivering clinically tested and proven health and well-being benefits to its users.

Ultima™ Technology

Seaborough developed the Ultima™ technology to help phase out the more energy consuming and mercury-based fluorescent lamps. This technology applies the Active Power Correction mechanism, which can be easily installed into all retrofit LED tubes. It guarantees energy savings of up to 50%, compared to fluorescent tubes. Those are significant potential savings, given the global lighting industry is responsible for about 20% of energy consumption in commercial real estate. Ultima™ is not only better for your wallet, it also saves considerable amounts of CO2 emissions!

SunLED™ Technology

SunLED™ is the second innovation Seaborough will be showcasing at Light+Building in Frankfurt. This patented technology uses the near-infrared spectrum, which is the part of the light spectrum that includes beneficial characteristics for human well-being and health. These benefits were clinically tested by an independent scientific research group and the results are impressive. Daily exposure of SunLED™ has led to positive effects on our immune system and lowers the resting heart rate, a universally accepted parameter for a healthy cardio-vascular system. On top of that, it improves our positive mood as well as perceived levels of energy. Happier people are about 12% more productive, making SunLED™ worthwhile both from an economical as well as a well-being perspective.

We will showcase both technologies at our stand (G71 in Hall 8.0) during the Frankfurt Light+Building fair. We hope to welcome you there and demonstrate the positive outcomes of these inventions in person.

If you’re interested in additional info, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Light+Building 2022

  • Frankfurt Messe, Germany
  • 2 – 6 October
  • Stand G71, Hall 8.0
  • We are available for scheduled meetings and demonstrations