Get A Grip on Lighting Podcast – LED innovations and Seaborough’s Ultima Technology

Electronics / December 21, 2022

Mike Krames and Pieter Six joined Get A Grip On Lighting Podcast to speak about LED lighting innovations and specifically about Seaborough's #Ultima Technology.
In the podcast we speak about #Ultima Technology, which is basically an Adoptive Power Control solution, to manage the power (and lumen) spread of a retrofit LED Tube, independently of any electronic ballast out there in Europe. According to our research, all tubes on the market show a (much too) wide spread of consumed power compared to their declared power on the package. Imagine you buy a 24W tube, but after installation, you get to know that it actually consumes 40W. Would you accept that? Well, we do most of the times, because we simply don’t know this. We think that shouldn’t be possible, and want to address this

Episode 289 - In The Sweet Spot with Dr. Mike Krames & Pieter Six