LED technology company Seaborough starts Optical Characterization Service

General / Materials / September 23, 2020

Seaborough, the Amsterdam-based LED technology company, has started a new service. Companies producing and developing materials for luminescent applications can now turn to Seaborough for specialized optical measurements. This service is unique in the sense that mostly large industrial parties have access to measurement services meeting industry standards and calibrations, but they are usually not made available to third parties. Fortunately, Seaborough’s validated measurement setup now is.

Reliability of optical measurements

Reliability of optical measurements is often taken for granted, but most measurements in the lighting industry require careful calibration, expertise and significant investments in equipment and time. A reliable saturation or quantum yield measurement is not within everyone’s reach!

At Seaborough, they understand this. As Dr. Marie Anne van de Haar, Program Director Materials at Seaborough, says: “We did measure samples from external parties multiple times. We often found major deviations compared to earlier measured values, which can easily lead to wrong conclusions of the material’s quality and applicability. That was the reason to build our own measurement setup and validate it according to industry standards”. 

Optical Characterization Service

The measurement setup is an extension of Seaborough’s activities in the LED and luminescence industry. “Many companies that produce materials for luminescent applications, such as phosphors, are unable to perform the necessary measurements themselves,” says Pieter Six, CEO of Seaborough. “Our Optical Characterization Service is a solution for companies with in-house chemical know-how, but less focus on optics. We also expect that research institutes and universities will knock on Seaborough’s door”.

Our measurements

The Optical Characterization Service includes 6 different measurements:

1. Emission spectra;
2. Excitation spectra;
3. Diffuse Reflectance Spectra
4. Absolute Quantum Yield
5. Photo- thermal saturation;
6. Thermal quenching. 

Seaborough’s Optical Characterization Service is fast, adequate and highly reliable. The reports are confidential and written in language understandable for everyone working in the LED and luminescence industry, without compromising on detailed information for the advanced reader. 

Do you want to know more?

Please visit our Optical Characterization Service page for further information, or contact us at optics@seaborough.com.