Internship in Nanomaterials


Join the innovation journey

At Seaborough, we develop groundbreaking technologies for LED lighting. Our core strengths lie in our dedication to sustainable innovations and teamwork. We patent our inventions and license them to leading lighting companies worldwide.

The project

Our Materials Team is at the forefront of developing new luminescent materials (phosphors) for LEDs. Traditionally, these materials have particle sizes in the micron range. However, to create next-generation LEDs with novel properties, we need to switch to the nanoscale. This shift involves new chemistry, presenting fresh challenges and optimization strategies.

We've already developed a range of high-quality nanophosphors that now need further optimization and the transition of synthesis methods to a continuous flow system. Additionally, we have exciting projects that explore entirely new synthesis approaches and detailed optical studies of nanoparticle interactions.

What will you bring

  • Currently pursuing Master's (or Bachelor's) degree in Chemistry or Physics and has an affiliation with luminescent materials or nanomaterials
  • Fluent in English (Dutch is not a must)
  • You are an open-minded, curious individual who is eager to make the next career step as a researcher

What will you do

As an intern, you'll immerse yourself in the inorganic synthesis of luminescent nanomaterials and their analysis using techniques such as:

  • Fluorescence spectroscopy
  • X-ray diffraction
  • Electron microscopy
  • Nitrogen physisorption

The team

You’ll be joining a dynamic group of young researchers and technicians with backgrounds in chemistry and physics. As a member of the Materials Team, you’ll participate in all group meetings and fun activities, ensuring a productive and inspiring learning and development experience.

What do we offer

  • Bachelor and Master level internships available
  • Duration: Between 5-12 months, ideally starting in September
  • Our light and spacious office building is located at the Amsterdam Science Park
  • Relaxed and encouraging atmosphere
  • Multicultural environment: A team of more than 20 people with roots in more than 10 countries
  • Internship allowance: Depending on the study level, approx. €450/month for Master students

🔗 Ready to innovate with us? Send you details and CV to Marie Anne van de Haar, Program Director of Materials (