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OneTLed® T8

Seaborough has been developing the oneTLed® retrofit T8 LED tube solution for several years with the intention of providing a fully compatible, safe and economical replacement to the mercury containing fluorescent lamps. There have been several generations of the oneTLed and with each generation, the technology is made better and cheaper.

OneTLed: one tube solution for all types of installations

OneTLed is a patented electronic retrofit LED tube solution that is 99% compatible with any non-dimmable ballast (magnetic, Instant start, programmed start, preheat etc.) designed for T8 fluorescent lamps. There is no need to rewire the luminaire or replace ballasts.

  • Fits in any fixture (with magnetic or electronic ballast)
  • Works on any ballast
  • Universal tube (works with direct mains voltage, magnetic ballasts
  • and electronic ballasts)
  • HF-only tube (works with Electronic ballasts only).
  • No need to buy expensive LED fixtures
  • No extra costs and labour
  • 50-70% reduction in energy costs
  • Lasts five times longer than mercury-containing fluorescent tubes
  • Electronic or mechanical safety end cap prevents electric shock hazard
  • Better for the environment

OneTLed in a nutshell


Intended users of OneTLed

OneTLed is an excellent solution choice for companies and organizations that want to switch their existing lighting source from a fluorescent lamp containing mercury to an LED solution in the most cost-effective way. OneTLed is 99% compatible with any fixture and ballast, making it the most economical solution for organizations with large volumes of fluorescent tubes already hanging from their ceilings. Since no fixtures and ballasts need to be modified, replacement is a simple matter of installing new tubes. During installation the patented safety end cap technology prevents any risk of electric shocks. OneTLed is a pure Plug & Play solution that saves time, money and effort. This way a traditional lighting installation can be converted to a LED lighting installation. 

Good for the environment

A LED tubular lamp lasts five times longer and saves 50-70% energy costs compared to a traditional fluorescent lamp. According to LightingEurope, If the 240 million fluorescent tubes containing mercury being sold every year are replaced by LED tubes, then 3,2% of the Paris agreement's CO2 reduction target can be achieved.

Do you have a question?

If you want more information or have a question about oneTLed, please feel free to contact us.

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