Electronics design engineer


Are you ready for a new challenge in the lighting industry?

Light and health are closely related. At Seaborough, we are developing new lighting solutions to improve human health and  wellbeing. Are you our new Electronics Design Engineer who makes our ideas and innovations into working prototypes?

In a multidisciplinary team, you will be the driver and owner of the electronics engineering work. As we translate the newest scientific insights on light and health into new products, you will be up to the challenge of designing and testing the electrical components to make the product work.

Here is what you will mainly be up to as an Electronics Design Engineer in our Life Science team:

  1. As a core member of the team, you will participate in the full process of brainstorming on new ideas and solutions to a testing model and a final design and prototype. Your main role is to translate product requirements into an electronical solution.
  2. You will design, build, and test the electronical components of our products, from the basic LED PCBs to advanced driver solutions.
  3. As the team is small, we help each other with various projects and topics. This varies from performing optical measurements on our lamps, to brainstorming on trade names, and presenting our products to potential partners.
  4. You will collaborate with our internal (lab) staff and external researchers and engineers on current projects and new ideas. Share ideas and results, spark creativity and drill down on fundamental problems.
  5. Your work will lead to new intellectual property and manufacturing breakthroughs. You will contribute to intellectual property through technical inventions and patents.


  1. We are looking for an experienced Electronics (design) engineer, who is able to own the process of designing, building and testing electronic solutions.
  2. Since you will be part of an interdisciplinary and multicultural team, good communication skills are a must
  3. You are able to work independently, which does not mean alone. Electronics engineers from other teams will be around to help you or brainstorm, yet you will have to take the initiative.  
  4. Experience in the lighting (LED) industry will probably be handy, but if you are a fast learner that experience will grow on the job.  

What we offer?

  1. A dynamic and young organization full of ambition to make the world a better place.
  2. Relaxed working culture: If work can be done from home, then we encourage that. We value good coffee, have regular fun activities, and use our ping-pong table a lot.
  3. Multicultural environment: We are a team of more than 20 people and have our roots in more than 8 countries.
  4. Good location: Our light and spacious office building (incl. labs) is located at the Amsterdam Science park.
  5. Connectivity: the Amsterdam Science park is well connected by public transport. It is a 5-minute walk to the nearest train station.
  6. Personal growth and development: We will support you with coaching and training designed to help you develop your skills.
  7. Reward: competitive salary depending on age and experience, market conform benefits, and additional short-term and long-term incentives to share in the success of our company.

Our company

Seaborough invents, develops, and commercializes ground-breaking innovations for the lighting industry and beyond. The company runs several long-term research and development projects in collaboration with world leading research institutes and universities.

Our inventions are commercialized through licensing contracts with strategic partners. Seaborough is highly committed to supporting these partners during the implementation phase of its intellectual property in finished products. This is a way we make the real difference.

Seaborough was founded in 2013. Since then we have experienced strong growth with great collaborations, big inventions, and even bigger plans for the future. At Seaborough, we give meaning to light!


Please contact Program Director Anne Berends (a.berends@seaborough.com) for more information or to apply.