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Nanokristal als lichtomvormer

Amsterdam, 14 October 2017.


Ledlampenontwikkelaar Seaborough uit Amsterdam ontdekte bij toeval een stofje dat lichttherapie tegen huidaandoeningen makker zou kunnen maken. Twee universiteiten gaan dat nu onderzoeken.


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Sengled contracts Seaborough with her oneTLed technology as partner for LED retrofit tubes




Shanghai - Amsterdam, 9 June 2017.


Sengled, a leading company of innovative lighting solutions has signed a development and commercialization agreement with Seaborough for the oneTLed technology. Sengled will be the only ODM party to make the Universal T LED products (LED tubes fully compatible with all magnetic ballasts & all electronic ballasts). With the creation of this Universal TLED product, a new market standard for compatible LED retrofit tubes can be set.


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Seaborough fills the void left by Philips Lighting


Amsterdam, 25 January 2018.


Last week, Philips Lighting scrapped a third of its research jobs in Eindhoven. Conversely, in the Amsterdam district of Zeeburg, investment in light technology is being intensified: fourteen researchers and an army of freelancers are currently hard at work creating the next generation of cutting-edge light technology.


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Seaborough appoints Martijn

Dekker as its new CEO




Amsterdam, 17 July 2017.


On 1 July 2017, Martijn Dekker (51) took over as the new CEO of Seaborough, an Amsterdam-based R&D company that is part of Momentum Capital. Dekker succeeds Fred van Ommen, who will remain associated with Seaborough as Senior Advisor Life Science. Dekker was involved in negotiating the recent licence agreement with Chinese lighting manufacturer Sengled, which will use Seaborough’s oneTLed technology to produce LED fluorescent tubes that are compatible with all magnetic and electronic ballasts. OneTLed technology will be incorporated in Sengled products and products it produces for leading lighting brands as an original design manufacturer. This will soon mean that traditional fluorescent tubes can be replaced with energy-efficient LED tubes in existing luminaries without changing anything else.


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EuroLED: warm white light  for the future

Professor Meijerink has been awarded a LIFT grant from the Chemistry Innovation Fund (Innovatiefonds Chemie), in a joint project between university researchers and private companies. In the LIFT project the UU researchers will collaborate with Seaborough Research.

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